Sounding sexy in bed is an art that make sex feel so much sexier! Want to know how to moan during sex and make all the right kind of sex sounds in bed?

There’s more to great sex than just a good long shag. Sex sounds? Panting? Breathing? Speaking? Learning how to moan? What’s this now? But read on, and you’ll know everything it takes to make you sound like a sex superstar in no time!

Why moaning makes everything sexy sexier

We’ve all been there, those winding sex marathons that sometimes just don’t seem to end. You’re finished up already or you’re still waiting for your huffing mate to go to the crescendo, but it just doesn’t get over.

The silent buzz in your head peaks to a tension, and somehow it’s got nothing to do with sexual tension. It’s just quiet. Really, really quiet.

And then, you part your lips to speak, and all your dry throat allows out is a dry squeak.

And then, it’s back to the see-saw ride of passionate, quiet love. Silent lovemaking is great. But nothing can beat the sultry, seductive moan of sexual appreciation in bed! The best way to enjoy great sex is to learn how to moan and make the right kind of sex sounds in bed, and just enjoy the things that make you go… mmmmmm!

Do you feel awkward or insecure about moaning?

When it comes to the bedroom, we’re all a little insecure about everything. Does our hair look stupid? Do we look unattractive in general? Do we sound okay while moaning? It’s normal to feel these things. But if you’re insecure about your moaning, learning how to moan in a more alluring way might help.

Truth be told, the person you’re sleeping with probably doesn’t mind your moaning either way. However, if you’re the type to moan in such a loud, uncontrolled way that it sounds like a dying walrus or a wailing banshee, refining that sound might do you some favors.

Moaning can be a huge turn on to some people

Whether you’re a guy or girl, moaning can be something that really gets you going. That being said, if you’re really bad at it and it’s something your partner likes a lot, you might want to try sounding better. Adjusting how you moan to be sexier can make a huge difference if your significant other is really into it.

It’s no different than altering the way you kiss or do any other sex act. Even though moaning is more of a natural thing that happens when you feel pleasure, it is possible to practice doing it in different ways. Ultimately, doing a certain moan for so long can change how you naturally do it.

How to sound sexy in bed

Panting softly into each other’s ears is a huge turn on, especially if your voice is drowning in sexual passion. To most, speaking in bed is taboo, and speaking aloud about fantasies is way out of question!

But to enjoy a good sexy conversation in bed, you need more than just a sexy body, you need a sexy mind and a sexier voice. Hit the lights, get into the sheets, and play by these rules to hit the highest note in your orgasm!

Sex sounds: Prepare your voice for the perfect moans

Learning the right kind of sex sounds and moans isn’t actually about the words you use, or the quotes you pull out of a cheap paperback. It’s all inside you. Even an “I love you” or a “like what I’m doing to you?” can send surges of heat up your mate’s tuned spine.

Understanding how to moan in a sexy way can be easy if you know how to go about it. A sultry, sexy low voice that’s gasping with passion can do wonders in bed.

Have you ever tried talking softly while the sheets get bunched up under your partner’s butt? Talk sleazy to turn on your mate, and always, always appreciate your partner and the activities both of you are doing in bed.

If you like the way your hands feel over your lover’s back, let them know. Whisper it, and don’t stop your hands from wandering around. Accentuate your words with nibbles, kisses and surprise moves!

Mood music and perfect moans

Do you want to moan and groan, but just don’t know how to go about it because you’ve never done it before? Well, there’s always a first time for anything.

To keep your moaning subtle, take the help of a good seductive album or pick a sexy song. Play your favorite mood music playlist while getting frisky, and see how you feel when you reciprocate your partner’s moves with moans. You might just end up loving it! Another good reason to play those music notes is the rhythm it brings into your sheets. So the next time you decide to talk dirty and moan in bed, keep the silence at bay with some mood music.

The perfect words to moan right

We’ve all heard the lightning-like thwack and the glass shattering groans and moans in porn movies, but that can be quite frightening in real life. If you want to know how to moan in a sexy way and make all the right kind of sex sounds, learn to keep it simple in reality. Don’t go hurling insults and dirty abuses at your partner or shriek like Godzilla on the warpath.

It may seem terribly exciting to you, but to your mate, that could climb up to the #1 reason why they hate sex. Use words that can connect both of you. And just so you know, there’s nothing sexier than calling out your lover’s name while making love. It’s intimate, arousing, and just way too sexy.

Bring in the sultry moans

A sexy voice is definitely hubba-hubba! But a seductive moan of appreciation can take your lover to frenzyhornyland! Indulge in moans every now and then. It’s a way of expressing excitement and pleasure.

Sounding sexy or moaning now and then lets your mate know that you’re enjoying what you’re doing, and it also shows that you’re losing control and flying into ecstasyland. We see it in movies all the time, but you don’t have to do exactly what they do.

Show your appreciation by making some noise and see how you like it. It doesn’t have to happen only while having sex, you can moan while cuddling or even while kissing. But most importantly, it’s a great way to let your lover know that you’re enjoying what’s going on. And just in case you do fall in love with moaning and talking sexy in bed, just be considerate of your neighbors and avoid screaming!

Using your body while talking sexy

Use your hands a lot while you’re moaning and getting naughty in bed. If you want to compliment his broad shoulders, then run your hands along it as you tell him how sexy it is. Or if it’s her soft back that turns you on, then nibble her neck and shoulders as you whisper a compliment to her.

Connecting the talk and the body can make moaning and dirty talk feel so much more steamier. And don’t ever let your hands stay in one place. Let them wander like you just can’t get enough of them.

Go for the pleasure points that you know of, the ones that can turn your mate on like there’s no tomorrow. The heady mix of passion and moans can arouse your mate like never before, and you would have figured out how to moan in bed and sound sexy without even going overboard or feeling awkward.

Now that you know the basics of how to moan and sound sexy in bed, let’s get to the tips that’ll make you even more better!

How to moan in a sexy, lustful way

If you’re troubled by the sound of your moan, we have some tips to help you sound way sexier in bed. Follow these and your moan will be a major turn-on for your partner.

#1 Listen to yourself while with your significant other. Don’t just zone out completely. Sure, you want to get into it but pay attention to what you sound like naturally. You have to be aware of what your partner is hearing if you want to adjust.

#2 Listen to yourself while masturbating. If you’re not really able to pay attention to how you naturally sound with your significant other, then listen while masturbating. You don’t have to worry about what you sound like during that time.

It’ll help you let it all out so you can really figure out where you should go from there. Make sure you’re home alone and then go to town. Let your moan out loud and natural so you can figure out what it truly sounds like.

#3 Watch porn. Porn can be a great indicator for how you should sound when moaning. Oftentimes, these people know how to do it in a way that’s sexy and attractive rather than harsh and distracting.

Listen closely and they’ll teach you how to moan. Just be careful not to take notes from the wrong person. Some people in porn go overboard and aren’t realistic at all.

#4 Record yourself. If you really want to hear what you sound like, just record yourself while you’re getting busy with your partner or even with yourself. Sometimes we can’t always truly hear what we sound like.

You might think you sound horrible only to find out you do sound sexy naturally. It’s all about perspective. You might not be able to truly hear your own moaning unless you hear it from another source.

#5 Start out soft and quiet. There’s no need to be really loud when you moan right away. One way to make it really sexy is to start off with a softer moan. Keep your mouth closed even and just start with a groaning sound.

The build-up to a full, sexy moan will drive your partner crazy in the best way. This also sounds a lot more natural and it won’t sound fake when there’s a real buildup. It should basically be tied into your pleasure. The more pleasure you’re feeling, the louder your moan will be.

#6 Say their name. One way to learn how to moan in a really sexy way is to drop your significant other’s name in while getting it on. Not only will they enjoy hearing your moans, but when their name comes from your lips in the middle of one, it’ll make them even hornier.

You just have to make sure you say the right name. If you’re currently having casual sex with a couple different people, be aware that using the wrong name could ruin everything.

#7 Use some dirty talking. Dirty talking while moaning can be one of the hottest things. All you really have to do is ask if they like it. You can even just say how good it feels.

It’s very simple to throw some casual dirty talk in with a moan here and there and that’ll increase how sexy it sounds even if the moaning isn’t the nicest.

#8 Don’t scream. You might see a couple porn videos of people screaming with pleasure and those aren’t really realistic. Yes, you can feel pleasure that intense but that level of noise is almost never realistic and your partner will feel like you’re faking it.

Just keep the decibels down. You can indicate that it’s intense pleasure without having to scream. That sound isn’t usually sexy, either.

#9 See what they seem to like best. It’s going to completely depend on what your significant other likes more. If they truly prefer you the way you sound naturally, then don’t change anything – even if you sound like a dying walrus.

They might also prefer you to keep a little quieter and not be so loud. Figure out what they seem to respond best to and keep doing it.

#10 Don’t do too much. Watching porn is great for hearing sexy moans, but they can also be a little unrealistic depending on the video you chose. Just don’t do too much. Moaning in the same tone and really loud for a long time is a pretty good indicator that you’ve been doing it too much.

#11 Don’t moan directly in their ear. Be conscious of where your mouth is in relation to their ear. It might seem really sexy to moan loudly while wrapped around them, but it can be super loud and could hurt their poor ears. That’s not fun for anyone.

#12 Just let it out naturally and don’t worry about it. Your moan probably isn’t nearly as bad as you think it is. If it sounds genuine, the other person is going to like it. Don’t worry so much about how you sound and just enjoy the sex instead.

If you’re too focused on what you sound like, you won’t have as much fun and it won’t feel as good. That means you won’t be genuinely moaning, either. And when that happens, your partner can tell.

When it comes to learning how to moan in a sexier way and make all the right kind of sex sounds in bed, it’s really about how you feel and what your partner seems to like. Don’t fake it, just enjoy it and go with the flow. The more natural you are, the better your moan will sound and feel!


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