It’s time to have some real sex talk about curvalicious girls in the bedroom. Here’s everything plus size women need to know about sex.

It might surprise you to know this, but plus size women have sex. Pause for shock and awe. That’s right, curvy girls have sex, and they’re damn good at it. There are a few taboos that still seem to be floating around the internet that we’re looking to nip in the bud. It’s time for a sex talk about curvy girls.

Is having sex with a plus size woman different than a straight size? Are certain positions better when you have more booty? Are pillows really going to be your bestest best friend? We’re cracking the code on all subjects about getting down and dirty as a plus sized women.

Whether you’re a curvalicious woman or just a curious partner, it seems there are no lack of questions when it comes to what it’s like/what to expect when having sex with a bigger girl. Sit back and relax because we’re about to get real with some plus size sex talk. We’re answering all your questions about sexy-time between the sheets. [Read: 8 small steps to get your body confidence back in the bedroom]

Get these negative thoughts out of your head

We all have insecurities, regardless of our size, but don’t forget sex is supposed to be fun. Before we get into sex talk about the best sex positions for bigger girls, we want to do away with some plus size women myths.

#1 No, your vagina does not smell. Vaginas have a scent. There’s basically nothing you can do about this unless you magically warp yourself into a different species… and PS: aliens probably have their own vagina scents, too. So basically, you need to get over the fact that your body has a scent.

And let’s get real, men love the smell of vagina! It’s part of the thing that makes your vagina so hot. Being a bigger girl isn’t going to magically make you smell more. So long as you bathe regularly and are free of infections down south, you’re going to smell exactly how you should smell. [Read: How to make your vagina smell good and taste even better]

#2 Yes, he knows how big you are. Your body is gorgeous. Your man thinks so and you should too! Don’t ruin sex for yourself by being self-conscious about your stomach, stretch marks, breasts, or what your chin looks like while you’re riding him.

Because guess what? If your man’s seen you in your birthday suit, then rest assured he knows every roll and every bit of cellulite on your body… and you turn him on. If he doesn’t care, why should you?

#3 No, you’re not going to crush his face. Alright so, you want to sit on his face, but you’re worried you’re going to crush and suffocate him. Not very sexy, right? Fear not. There are ways around this. Squat or perch over him, don’t sit!

Keep communication open and take physical cues from him to whether you should back off a bit or move right in. One thing that helps is having your man grip your legs or hips with his hands so he guides you.

If you’re still nervous about this position, opt for 69’ing instead. This gives you more control over how far away you can be from his face. [Read: Want to sit on my face? 6 reasons she might say no]

#4 Yes, lingerie is super sexy on you as a curvy girl. Some curvy women feel uncomfortable wearing lingerie. This is understandable, but honestly the most ridiculous thing ever. If your man loves sex, he’s going to love you in lingerie—rolls and all!

Your curves are going to look amazing in your sexy lingerie, and it’s honestly going to make you feel like a sex-kitten once you get into it.

If you’re truly self-conscious, ease into it with some flattering, but figure-friendly, baby doll or teddy lingerie. Don’t be afraid to bust out the garters, crotchless panties, corsets, and role play outfits and get totally naughty!

Dress it up and get yourself into confidence mode: curled hair, eyebrows on fleek, and setting a fabulous sexy music playlist. Get into it and start enjoying your body in the bedroom. [Read: How to seduce your boyfriend and leave him wanting more]

Best sex positions for bigger girls

When it comes down to it, sex with a plus size woman is no different than sex with any other woman! Fun, sexy, and hot.

Many people wonder if there are certain positions that are going to work better for bigger sizes, and the truth is a yes/no answer. Don’t you just love those? With a little communication, you’re going to be able to do any position under the sun. Here are some favorites for maneuvering the bedroom like a pro.

#1 Fetal position lovin’. This may not *sound* like the sexiest sex position around, but hear us out. Get into the fetal position laying down and have your man penetrate you from behind or while kneeling at your side. [Read: 12 easy sex positions that won’t break your neck – or worse]

You can prop a pillow under your hip if it makes you more comfortable. Spice this up by lifting your legs or having him make variations of his entering position *kneeling with his body upright, leaning forward as if laying over top your body, etc.*

This position gives him a great view of your bum and allows his hands all the freedom to wander to your breasts, hair, and legs. The position also spices up the angle at which his penis is going to enter you.

#2 Doggy style. Despite the less than dignified name, doggy style sex is great for plus size women. All women, really. This position gives focus to your fabulous ass. Men are visual creatures, so odds are he’s going to enjoy the view.

Bonus? If you’re self-conscious of your stomach, doggy is a great way to hide areas you may not want him to see.

Kneel on all fours and let him enter you from behind. Vary your position by laying with your arms and face down on the mattress. Don’t be afraid to use pillows to help support yourself. Adding a vibrator into the mix is also a fantastic way to get your rocks off in style. [Read: How to spice up the bedroom: 22 tips to set the bed on fire]

#3 Missionary with a twist. Missionary is most couples go-to sex position, and for good reason. Face to face contact makes this position feel more intimate. The man on top makes it feel like he’s dominating you in all the right ways, and with a little tweaking clit action, is definitely a go-to.

Some plus size women may feel like missionary is off the table due to their size, but don’t give up yet! If you’re worried your man can’t get to your naughty bits, simply prop an inflatable sex pillow *or just steal a regular pillow from the bed!* under your bum and pull your legs back. This raises your pelvis and allows him easy access. [Read: Who’s on top? 8 ways to make missionary magical]

#4 Cowgirl for plus size women. Hop on top and prepare for the ride of your life. No, you’re not going to crush him. In fact, the more pressure between your hot spots, the better! Modify the cowgirl position to make it easier by leaning back on your man’s legs and supporting yourself with your hands on the bed.

Use your feet to move up and down on his penis, or simply grind to your heart’s delight for a mind blowing orgasm.

If you’re finding it hard to get the length of him into your vagina, have your man prop some pillows underneath him so that his penis and pelvis are elevated for the taking! See? We told you pillows were going to be your best friend.

[Read: How to be the sexy girlfriend your boyfriend always wanted]

No matter what your size, sex should be comfortable, fun, and always end with a big O! We hope this sex talk session cleared up some myths and rumors about having sex as a plus size woman.

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