Hey guys! Hope you’re excited for some social growth, because in this latest video I’m going to teach you a small little practice for enable you to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere and enjoy the heck out of doing so it even if fails miserably. I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you’ve wanted to talk to an attractive person or maybe telling a boss or a college what you truly want to say, but the lack of social confidence and the fear of what people might think and say, got you mute. Perhaps this has happened so many times that you’re now not even considering doing these things any more. If so, this is for you. Monday through Friday, we’re going to do small little social pushes – facing our fears – every day. You can either be unspecified about the social pushes, that means looking for opportunities throughout the day and act when you see one. This requires awareness and being alert to the surrounding. An alternative way is to plan ahead and chose an area or a specific action to execute , it could for instance be talking to one girl each day, or asking one random person each day about the time! The social pushes should be dependent on where you are right now, the important thing is that you push yourself out of your comfort zone. So you decide what level you want to take this to! I’d love to hear your story down there in the comments, and if f you want that extra push, make sure to commit to be, and you’ll think twice before bailing on yourself! The rules are: 1# The action/request/question need to align with your goals, values or beliefs! if you go out and do something just to get rejected, but it interferes with your moral or what you believe in, it will decrease your self-esteem. 2# That also means you’re not allowed to lie! Own the situation; rather tell the exact reason for why you’re doing what you’re doing, then try to manipulate your way to a yes.


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