Take a look at our favorite shots from LGBTQ celebration 🏳️‍🌈

On OkCupid you can identify however you want, regardless of what your gender expression or sexual orientation is. In fact, OkCupid was the first dating app to offer 22 gender options and 13 orientation options to choose from. And now with the brand-new ACLU profile badge, it’s even easier for OkCupid users to find dates who support everyone’s right to love whoever they want.

This past Sunday we took to the streets of Manhattan to celebrate that spirit of inclusivity with the LGBTQ community at the NYC Pride March. We were thrilled to have our weird, wild, and wonderful friends at House of Yes along for the ride.

It. Was. A. Party.

This float had everything: Giant puppets, acrobatics, and every color visible to the human eye.

Take a look at our photographic proof below while we try to get the residual glitter off our bodies (or not).

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