OkCupid data reveals how singles are turning to online dating

The coronavirus pandemic has affected just about every aspect of our lives, and dating is no exception. Around the world, 2.6 billion people are under stringent stay-at-home orders, and quarantined singles are looking to meet new people, socialize, laugh, and love — all from the safety of their own homes.

Despite this uncertain time, singles are craving connection now more than ever, and they’re finding it by matching with other singles seeking the same thing. In fact, there was a staggering 900% increase in mentions of “coronavirus” and “social distancing” on OkCupid profiles between February and March. That got us thinking — in what other ways could coronavirus impact dating? Over the past two weeks, we’ve been analyzing the activity of OkCupid’s tens of millions of daters to discover how they’re adjusting their dating lives in the wake of COVID-19.

Short answer: single people are still dating, and because everybody is stuck at home with a quieter social schedule, they have more time to fire up a conversation with someone new. There are fewer distractions, so matches can really get to know each other. And when the time finally comes to meet offline, their connection may be that much deeper and stronger because of it.

OkCupid user engagement increases drastically as shutdowns intensify

In the past few weeks, OkCupid engagement has exploded. All over the world, matches on OkCupid have increased 10% — and conversations have increased over 20%! — as singles turn to online dating for connection.

It’s no wonder, really. Even though singles are staying at home, our data show they still want to meet new people. Our in-app questions on dating in the time of coronavirus have garnered nearly half a million responses. In response to the new question “How do you plan on dating during this time of coronavirus?” a whopping 94% of respondents said they’ll continue to date, albeit virtually. It’s a good thing you never have to leave the comfort of your couch in order to use OkCupid.

It makes total sense that when a shutdown goes into effect, in the days that follow, there’s a spike in matches and conversations between OkCupid users in that area.

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