The bulk of the most interesting, skilled, caring, thoughtful, intelligent and capable people I’ve met through life have all been very shy.
Shyness does not mean weakness, quite the contrary.
However, despite being an admirable trait in my opinion it’s one that a man can only get away with when he’s young.
Once he gets past around twenty one years of age his shyness will very often be interpreted by attractive females as weakness and a display of how he’s incapable of leading in a masculine way.
Other men will exploit his shyness and use their brusque manner to push him aside or behind at work or in social situations.
It’s not fair and its not right but it’s how it very often is.
It took me an awful long time to overcome the elements of my own inherent shyness that were holding me back.
It’s a painful process. Unbearably painful sometimes.
If you’re going through that particular mill right now then you’re not alone.

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