Happy to have Lovestruck.com offer some tips for surviving the holidays when you’re single…

Along with Valentine’s Day, many singletons claim that the Christmas holidays is one of the hardest times of the year to be on your own. From interfering relatives inquiring about the state of your love life over turkey and all the trimmings (“Well dear, I was married and had three children by the time I was your age”) to the mass kissing when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, it’s easy to feel down about the fact that everyone – including your pet cat – seems to be loved up.

However, here at Lovestruck.com, we think there are many reasons that being single at this time of year can have its unexpected advantages. Here are our top tips on getting through the holidays:

Get out of the house: Rather than holing up on the sofa watching Bridget Jones or Home Alone, heave yourself out from under that blanket and get out of the house. The Christmas hols are a great time for socialising, widening your circle of friends and having fun. People are off work and generally in better spirits, which often leaves them more receptive to love and relationships. Whether you’re attending parties, seeing old friends, visiting Christmas markets or volunteering at a local shelter, avoid wallowing at home. Every trip out of the front door is an opportunity to meet someone new.

Plan a comeback: If the idea of your smug, newly-married cousin or Great Aunt Margaret giving you the Spanish inquisition about why you are single (after one too many sherries) freaks you out, plan some witty comebacks in response. Some of our faves include: ‘I’m just lucky, I guess. I love my own space’, ‘I’m waiting for true love. I know it’ll be worth it’, and ‘What? And interrupt my fabulous sex life? No thanks!’ Yes their questions are a pain..but feel lucky that they do care.

Look on the bright side: There are so many things to be happy about when it comes to your single status: No more agonising over the right gift, no more arguing over how and where you spend your time and the freedom to kiss absolutely anyone you like under the mistletoe. It’s worth remembering that December in general is one of the worst months for couples – with one survey claiming the average duo argue four times a day! Suddenly that ready meal for one doesn’t sound so unappealing, right?

Invite a friend: If you hate the idea of turning up to a Christmas party on your own, rope in a friend to go with you. Buddy up with another singleton and see if you can scout out any hot singles for flirty fun.happy

Don’t compare: It really doesn’t matter what other people are doing. Yes everyone’s Facebook and Instagram pages might be rammed full of lovey dovey pictures, happily-ever-after faces and tinsel on top, but comparing yourself to others will only make you feel miserable (and as everyone knows social media is just a snapshot of the true story)!

Pamper yourself: Put all those extra pennies you are saving because you’re not buying for a significant other towards you. Book yourself some beauty treatments or buy yourself something special you’ve been lusting over for while. Or just hole up with a hot chocolate and book for some time out. Just treat yourself well – it’s what you deserve.

Start now: If you’re determined to find someone special in 2015, start now. Most dating sites, including Lovestruck, see a massive boost in memberships and activity from December until well into the New Year as singles flock to meet Mr. or Ms. Right for the new year. So, get that online dating profile up now and start talking with other singles…this time next year we could be talking surviving Christmas with “their” family.

What other things do you suggest?

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