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world. And then go shopping to find clothes that hew more closely to that confident woman you want to become or are in the process of becoming or have already become. Your dating wardrobe is a piece of the dating puzzle so make sure to invest wisely in it.

4. Guys don’t care if it’s from Target, Macy’s or Chanel

Piggybacking off of that last point…men don’t care if you’re wearing low-end, middle-end, or high-end clothes. As long as your clothes look good on you and show off your assets, well, you’re good to go!

5. Find the best shapes that work for you

Which is a great segue to mention how important it is to find clothes that work best for your body type, whether it’s full-figured with an hourglass figure or petite with a more boyish waistline. There are a ton of different styles out there designed to work for all different body types, so get a fashion-oriented friend to help you figure out what shapes, sizes, and styles work for you.

6. Find your color palette

We all have colors that bring out our best features and skin coloring. And we all have colors that wash us out and make us look just plain drab. For instance, I’m best in jewel-toned colors; light pastels, however, wash me out because I’m very fair-skinned. What about you? Stock up on items that make you shine! Red is always a head-turner for guys, so find out what shade of red works best for you and then go out there and flirt, flirt, flirt!

7. Avoid wearing things on a dates that you fuss over

Have you ever worn a skirt that rides up constantly, and you have to keep tugging at it to make sure you’re not showing the world your private parts? Have you ever had a top that always seems to inch down your chest no matter how many times you pull it up again? On dates, avoid wearing clothes that you constantly have to pick at. You want your sole focus to be on getting to know your date, and when you’re worrying or fussing about your wardrobe, you’ll be less focused on him and you may even give off an insecure vibe.

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